ANTIGONE         June 30th - July 10th 2016


Our First Chorus Rehearsal

“You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension.” F.M. Alexander Finding the chorus through our bodies.

Our First Table Read

"Keep evolving. Keep reading plays, doing plays, but also be sure to expand your horizons as much as possible. You only have yourself to bring to your work. You are your palette, so give yourself as many colors as possible to paint with." ~ Gideon Glick Welcome to the table read.

Script Analysis Begins

Warning: If we HAD to measure out excitement levels, we are unashamedly at the 'laugh and you'll wet your pants' stage. We've all been there. This years' production goal: 23 week rehearsal schedule so that we have time to explore. That's enough to make any artist wet themselves. Join the pee party and follow our journey as we discover one of Sophocles' greatest.

2016 Season - ANTIGONE

These cheeky thespians are proud to announce LES Shakespeare Co.'s Production of Antigone. Spoiler Alert: Everyone dies in the end. Follow our exploration of Sophocles' classic via facebook, twitter or right here on our blog.

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