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Meet the Cast & Crew - Zackery Betty

Zackery Betty


Why did you take on this role with this production? / What interests you about this specific production of Antigone?

My new husband is the movement/choreographer for this production of Antigone, so I figured since there was an opening for a mover in the chorus, why not broaden my horizons?! My specific interests with this productions is the way we approach scenes and notions. It is very similar to ways I and my husband collaborate on choreography in his company. There is a lot of imagery, movement, and meshing of art genres.

What do you most like about your character?

I really enjoy that I am able move as part of the chorus. I think visually its great to see movement and speech together on stage.

This production has an uncharacteristically long rehearsal period, 21 weeks as opposed to the standard 6-8 weeks. How has this affected your work?

The extended rehearsal periods have not had an effect on my work; it just allows me more time to learn some lines!!

Every play brings different challenges. What areas of your craft has this play exercised?

Some challenges I have run into are... I HAVE LINES TO MEMORIZE! Give me 20 + min of choreography and I'm golden, lines are slightly different! I haven't exercised acting with lines since high school so its a great challenge for me!

If you could had pick your next job without any restrictions, what would it be/who would it be with and why?

If I could hand pick my next job I would.... I still want to do too much I don't which to pick quite yet! HIRE ME!!!!!!!!

Where else can we see your work?

I am dancer and guest choreographer for N Squared Dance Company based in Queens. Check us out at




JUNE 3rd AND 4th @ 7:30PM!

As an artist I am working not only for N Squared Dance but attending auditions for several dance companies.

What work have you seen lately that we shouldn't miss?

Unfortunately I haven't seen any shows and haven't attached myself to any tv shows recently. BUT I really like Sia's latest album "This Is Acting" and I recently discovered Popcorn in a Pickle from Trader Joe's (thanks Yokko) and Bath Bombs from Lush :)

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