ANTIGONE         June 30th - July 10th 2016


Meet the Cast & Crew - Kevin Mackenzie

Kevin Mackenzie Facebook: Sentry/Chorus What do you most like about your character? I like the comic relief aspect. It's a heavy play, and any little crack that allows some laughter is so welcome. I like that I get to do that. I find that the sentry is so relatable for anyone in the audience. Anyone who's ever had a boss they feared or even hated can feel the sentry's pain. Ever been falsely accused of anything? Relatable. Ever felt powerless and voiceless? Relate. Ever felt like just dropping everything in your life and moving somewhere else? Relate Relate Relate! But all this is conveyed in a way that finds the humor in pain, and to me that's usually wh

Meet the Cast & Crew - Patrick Falcon

Patrick Falcon Facebook: Haemon/Chorus What do you most like about your character? I think Haemon is rather humble, perceptive and well-meaning. He thinks for himself and has a pretty solid morality he's not afraid to defend - even to a tyrant, to his father. Antigone was written around 440BC. what do you think the story of Antigone is about and why does it need to be told? Antigone witnesses an injustice and is ready to stand up in order to Right it. Her rebellion at its essence is the fostering of an Idea. I think she and the play speak to the critical sentiment that while so many young people feel angry, betrayed, and at a loss for what to do, the developing

Meet the Cast & Crew - Emily Shankman

Emily Shankman Twitter: @ShankmEms Instagram: Shankmae Eurydice/Chorus What do you most like about your character? I like that she gets a voice in a variety of ways: as chorus member/observer and as a mother, whose watches everything fall apart until she has felt complete devastation. Antigone was written around 440BC. Do you think modern audiences will relate? If so, how? We are in the midst of a dramatic power struggle of Grecian proportions right here in 2016 America. I think people can relate to the dramatic shifts in power, and the aftermath of such struggles in this tumultuous election year. This production has an uncharacteristically long rehearsal period, 21 weeks as opposed to the

Meet the Cast & Crew - Yokko

Yokko Why did you take on this role with this production? / What interests you about this specific production of Antigone? I love working with the director, Melody. That is the main reason I am in this production. Besides that, I do love Greek plays. This is the 7th production of a Greek play I've been in (Antigone, Helen, Electra, Medea, Lysistrata). I think Antigone is a very powerful & beautiful play which appeals to modern society. What do you most like about your character? The Chorus represents us - people in the society, and they are the direct connection with the audience. Without the audience, theatre is pointless. Without people, government or any organisa

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