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BEE was developed in 2017 at Barns Art Collective (Maine) and HB Residency (NYC). HB Studio has had their Residency program for ten years and it was the first time they took a workshop production and moved it to their Playwrights Theatre in 2018.

BEE, a story created by Melody Erfani (our founder) and written by Sean Michael Welch, focuses on the life & strength of Melody's Iranian Grandmother. It also weaves that tale with refugee stories with the aim to help bridge the growing cultural gap that contributes to discrimination.

BEE June 8-24, 2018

HB Playwrights Theatre

124 Bank St.


To watch the full length video of Inside the creation of Bee click here

BEE زنبور

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS HB Studios, Stephen Arndt, & Ed Szylinski

Created & Directed by Melody Erfani & Written by Sean Michael Welch. 

Developed by Buket Gulbeyaz, Soraya Broukhim, Melissa Mowry, Vida Tayebati, Dana Hart Lubeck, Muge Karagulle, Rakel Aroyo, Brittany Zaken, Sasha Hawkins, Ahmad Maaty, Lareina Phelan, Gamze Ceylan, Melody Erfani, and Sean Michael Welch

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