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"LES Shakes brings the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet to life with a dynamic ensemble, solid direction, music and movement. This production has it all.  It is fun, flirty, tragic, heartbreaking, and enthralling. This ensemble works and plays well together; the play is beautifully direction by Melody Erfani. Particularly enjoyable is the use of movement and music throughout, which really sets this rendition apart from your run of the mill Romeo and Juliet." (Times Square Chronicle Review) - Nora Davis


"...original live music before and during the show (moody/funky folk rock provided by Lady and the Lion under the musical direction of J.P. Makowski) was one of the well-incorporated elements that marked the high-quality and originality of the production." (HiDrama) - Leslie DiLeo


"There isn’t a weak link onstage. The actors work seamlessly as an ensemble...This is a lovely production and the actors and director do a great job at making the story relatable and accessible.  I look forward to seeing more from this group." (Times Square Chronicle Review) - Nora Davis 


"The actors functioning as a chorus and the use of  graceful, stylized movement in key scenes (the lovers’ wedding night, Juliet’s heartbreaking “funeral”) are two other innovative elements in the show; and they work perfectly--adding a lyrical, inevitably melancholy framing to the show." (HiDrama) - Leslie DiLeo


"...performances were sophisticated and their movements disciplined and focused....  Melody Erfani’s direction was balanced, cohesive, brisk and elegant. The acting was universally excellent, as you would expect--but don’t always get."   (HiDrama) - Leslie DiLeo






""...a production that was both spontaneous and well-crafted silliness—thanks to an appealing and very capable cast." (Hi! Drama) - Leslie DiLeo


"Yes there is still a Viola, a Malvolio, etc. and the essence of the Shakespearean original, but if you come to see this show, you will leave having learned less about classical literature and more about an original, bawdy way to stage a night of entertainment...TWELFTH NIGHT is all about the comedy and fun." (ELJ--All Arts Annex) - Kessa Di Santis


"The actors were having a good time from start to finish. Their enthusiasm and playfulness encouraged us as the audience to follow suit. I didn't feel that a single person was taking himself or herself too seriously and this kind of self-abandonment is always exciting to watch." (Times Square Chronicle Review) - Nora Davis




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