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Farmbook (working title)

A new-work being developed by Gerrard James, Melissa Mowry, Melody Erfani, Nathaniel Johnson, Sasha Hawkins, Sean Michael Welch, Stephanie Anuwe, Suzanne Darrell 


Farmbook (working title) is based on the true story of Joseph and Edith Fossett's life. Following Thomas Jefferson's death in 1826, Joseph Fossett became a free man, one of five persons freed from slavery by the terms of Jefferson's will. However, his wife Edith and their 10 children were put up for sale with the rest of Jefferson's "belongings" to pay off his incredible debt. The play follows their amazing journey that displays their strength of will, the testament to family and daring rescues.


Dates are to be announced soon.

Drama League First Stage Residency Photos 2019

Artist Collective - "The Moment"

Fossett Family Project

Fossett Family Project

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