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Meet the Cast & Crew - Yokko


Why did you take on this role with this production? / What interests you about this specific production of Antigone?

I love working with the director, Melody. That is the main reason I am in this production. Besides that, I do love Greek plays. This is the 7th production of a Greek play I've been in (Antigone, Helen, Electra, Medea, Lysistrata). I think Antigone is a very powerful & beautiful play which appeals to modern society.

What do you most like about your character?

The Chorus represents us - people in the society, and they are the direct connection with the audience. Without the audience, theatre is pointless. Without people, government or any organisations are pointless. Ensemble theatre is one of my passions. The ensemble does not need to be the same, it has to be individual as well. And I am very excited to ride this wave with Melody and the cast - finding a singular voice in unison. We are one and at the same time we are individual human beings.

Do you & your character have anything in common and if so, what?

This character, the messenger, has the qualities that I want to have. There are elements that I wish I had; strength, toughness, confidence, and compassion. As a person I do not have the courage to follow impulses to tell the truth. I prefer not do those things. I want to please people, but this character cares for truth and duty, rather own comfort. This character is almost my antithesis. The Alter-Ego personality I have in hidden myself. If I did what she does, I would have a super edge.

From your own or your characters perspective, what do you think the story of Antigone is about and why does it need to be told?

It's tragic. Everything that happened could have had different results. What if Creon was convinced quicker? What if Antigone trusted hope longer? But theses stories actually exist now.

I watched a documentary called " dirty war" and an innocent family was killed by US military by miscommunications. It happens everyday in the world we are living in and we should be aware of what makes this tragic.

This production has an uncharacteristically long rehearsal period, 21 weeks as opposed to the standard 6-8 weeks. How has this affected your work?

This is not long rehearsal from my experiences and perspective. Ensemble work should have a long period of rehearsals (though it is tough in NYC). 6 mounts to a few years to create a piece is very common.

So I do appreciate the long rehearsals, and to be familiar with the other company members. I wish we had the same cast from the beginning though.

Every play brings different challenges. What areas of your craft has this play exercised?

I think it will be challenging soon-- ensemble speaking is really tough- like a musical. English is not my first language, so to speak with others with same rhythm is challenging. Though I really want to increase my skill on than, so I'm very excited about this challenge.

If you could had pick your next job without any restrictions, what would it be/who would it be with and why?

Too many.

Where else can we see your work?

What's next for you as an artist?

The Ume Group 5th anniversary production ( Lysistrata, Dream Dances, FACET)

Ren Gyo Soh's SHINKA

Butoh Medea school tour

What work have you seen lately that we shouldn't miss?

Hummmmmmmmmmm oh! Becket trilogy !!! It was fantastic!!

What work is your secret guilty pleasure right now?

Maybe "battle star galactica" ?

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