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Meet the Cast & Crew - Patrick Falcon

Patrick Falcon


What do you most like about your character?

I think Haemon is rather humble, perceptive and well-meaning. He thinks for himself and has a pretty solid morality he's not afraid to defend - even to a tyrant, to his father.

Antigone was written around 440BC. what do you think the story of Antigone is about and why does it need to be told?

Antigone witnesses an injustice and is ready to stand up in order to Right it. Her rebellion at its essence is the fostering of an Idea. I think she and the play speak to the critical sentiment that while so many young people feel angry, betrayed, and at a loss for what to do, the developing , sharing and exemplifying of Good and Just Ideas is one of the most powerful actions any person can take.

Every play brings different challenges. What areas of your craft has this play exercised?

I'm a physical person and there's quite a bit of physical theatre in this production, so it felt good to move and create in that way. But also I think too often as an actor i look to the aesthetic of the production and the essence of the character to provide the fuel for the performance. Antigone has challenged me to strip all the excess away and find the crystallized moments of truth.

If you could had pick your next job without any restrictions, what would it be/who would it be with and why?

Any project in which the material is compelling, intelligent and poses relevant questions. Working with other artists that challenge me leads to growth, risk and better work. This production has certainly been that.

Where else can we see your work?

I recently acted in and composed the score for a independent film Looking For under the leadership of a tremendous young director Jeremiah Murphy, which will be doing an indie film circuit soon.

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