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Meet the Cast & Crew - Lady and the Lion

(Image by Niccolo Pizarro)

Lady and the Lion

insta&twitter: @ladyandthelion1


What interests you about this specific production of Antigone and why did you agree to take part?

We love working with the cast and crew, and are always eager to be a part of their conjurings. Antigone reflects a part in all of us that feels the need to defend what we know to be right; at risk of losing everything else. LES Shakes is shedding light on what is still relative from older written works, and the addition of music setting a texture and tone go a long way in terms of becoming immersed in the heart of the story.

What do you think are the fundamental elements required to creatively collaborate?

A shared idea or a similar outcome are a great place to start. In our case, every actor's voice and movement become an additional instrument. It's most exciting finding the appropriate balance of "instruments" playing at once.

Where else can we see your work?

What's next for you as artists?

Recording a full studio album

What work have you seen lately that we shouldn't miss?

untitled unmastered album by Kendrick Lamar; A Girl Walks Alone at Night (movie), The Epic album by Kamasi Washington

What work is your secret guilty pleasure right now?

Microcosmos (movie); Fantasy by Mariah Carey; Naruto The Musical

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