ANTIGONE         June 30th - July 10th 2016


Meet the Cast & Crew - Chantelle Goulevitch

Chantelle Goulevitch ig: @goulevitch tw: @cgoulevitch Ismene/Chorus/Co-Producer Why did you take on this role with this production? / What interests you about this specific production of Antigone? I didn't particularly want to re-tell the story of Antigone. It exhausts me to think that after thousands of years these themes can still be relevant. Initially I was opposed to contributing to this seemingly ineffective chorus. Additionally, the extreme circumstances of the play seemed to be a dated way to take part in the conversation. However, once I heard Melody Erfani (Director) link the text to America's very terrifying, very current political position, with almost

Meet the Cast & Crew - Lady and the Lion

(Image by Niccolo Pizarro) Lady and the Lion insta&twitter: @ladyandthelion1 Accompaniment What interests you about this specific production of Antigone and why did you agree to take part? We love working with the cast and crew, and are always eager to be a part of their conjurings. Antigone reflects a part in all of us that feels the need to defend what we know to be right; at risk of losing everything else. LES Shakes is shedding light on what is still relative from older written works, and the addition of music setting a texture and tone go a long way in terms of becoming immersed in the heart of the story. What do you

Meet the Cast & Crew - Zackery Betty

Zackery Betty Chorus Why did you take on this role with this production? / What interests you about this specific production of Antigone? My new husband is the movement/choreographer for this production of Antigone, so I figured since there was an opening for a mover in the chorus, why not broaden my horizons?! My specific interests with this productions is the way we approach scenes and notions. It is very similar to ways I and my husband collaborate on choreography in his company. There is a lot of imagery, movement, and meshing of art genres. What do you most like about your character? I really enjoy that I am able move as part of the chorus. I think visually its gre

Meet the Cast & Crew - Melody Erfani

Melody Erfani Producer/Director Why do you think this story needs to be told/today? 2, 456 years later after this story was first told, governing rulers and the people who follow them (or not) are extremely relevant, especially in our own current election year, but also in world politics. Two particular instances that serve as reminders of why this story needs to be told today are: Republican primary nominee Donald Trump calling for surveillance against mosques and being open to establishing a database for all Muslims that are living in the U.S. He maintains the war is against radical Islam, but said, "it's very hard to define. It's very hard to separate. Because

Antigone - Tickets Released!

Lower East Side Shakespeare Company presents Antigone in collaboration with Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. Come see us at the Paradise Factory June 30th - July 10th. 64 E 4th Street (Btwn Bowery & 2nd Ave), New York 06.30.16 - 5.30PM 07.06.16 - 6.30PM 07.08.16 - 7.40PM 07.09.16 - 3.15PM 07.10.16 - 11.30AM Tickets $18 - buy online or buy at the door.

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