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Exploring artistic sensibility through an introduction to acting.

with Chantelle Goulevitch

September 19-22 6:30pm-8:30pm

 Moranbah Qld Australia

$99 for full workshop (4 classes)

or $29 per class (2 hours)



It’s an actor’s job to tell the truth in imaginary circumstances. While a healthy imagination can carry us most of the way, it’s unnerving how quickly it will disappear on us when we go from rehearsing in private to being exposed and vulnerable in front of an audience.

This workshop will introduce you to the craft of an actor and how to maintain the truth in an imaginary world. This class focuses on the preparation needed before you even take the stage. It is a chance to understand the necessary work of an artist and find ways to maintain your youthful sense of play.

It will require some work outside of class so please consider this before enrolling. If your schedule is very full, speak to me before enrolling so that we can find ways for you to participate without placing stress on your other commitments.

Chantelle Goulevitch is a Moranbah born, New York City based actor. After graduating from Griffith University with a BA in Applied Theatre (majoring in Management), she worked as a drama practitioner on a linkage grant researching the effectiveness of Drama Therapy. She then worked in the field of behaviour change, writing content and facilitating financial literacy workshops in secondary schools across Australia. In 2012 she moved to New York to study Uta Hagen’s acting technique at the Herbert Berghof Studio. Over three years of full time study, she learned voice and movement tools from techniques devised by Michael Chekhov, F.M. Alexander, Catherine Fitzmaurice and Moshé Feldenkrais. These helped her find connection between her overactive mind and under utilised body. Over the past four years, Chantelle has built a consulting business that uses tools drawn from the arts alongside coaching & facilitation practices to help clients shift the performance of individuals and teams from a state of survival to a stable environment in which performance thrives. She has developed a career in behaviour related fields for over 12 years through an unquenchable curiosity to explore humanity. Behaviour fascinates her. The arts have challenged her whole existence, facilitating a new way to discover the world. Through business and performance, she wants to challenge our indoctrinated social, political and personal beliefs, expose what connects us, discover joy, and help the voiceless be heard.



September 2016 Workshops Application Dates:

Applications Open: Aug 21st, 2016
Application Deadline: Sep 17th, 2016

Students can be attended all four workshops for $160 or as individual sessions for $45.00 per class. 

*Please note, spaces are limited as class sizes are capped at 10 students. Workshops will be proceeding regardless of class size. 

Thank you for your interest. To complete your registration, download the following form &  submit via the instructions for whichever payment method best suits your needs. All submissions must be made before September 22nd for acceptance. Finally, please be sure to complete the consent section.


               Apply here.

If you have any questions before applying feel free to reach out below:

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